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„Franciscan” chasuble of Pope Pius XI: supplement – Polish thread

This text was originally published in Polish. This is our own translation of it. We are not native speakers, so if any reader finds any errors or linguistic inaccuracies, we will be grateful for reporting them.

Die 12 iunii Anno Domini 2024
S. Joannis a S. Facundo Confessoris

Having already published an article about the „Franciscan” chasuble of Pope Pius XI, we discovered that the chasuble, along with other elements of liturgical garment, was occasionally displayed in Poland in 2016. This was during the Lux in Oriente – Lux ex Oriente exhibition organized by the National Museum in Gdansk from July 24 to October 20 at the Green Gate. The exhibition was organized on the occasion of the 1050th anniversary of Poland’s baptism.

As it turns out, there isn’t much coverage of the event on the web, even though many priceless pieces and artifacts from the Holy See’s collections could be seen (visitors were prohibited from photographing the exhibition). However, the organizer made an effort to publish a commemorative and truly noteworthy catalog. It also included an elegantly illustrated description of the papal chasuble.

Press releases from 8 years ago, which include photographic documentation, are available at these links: 1, 2, 3 (click on the link of your choice). Many valuable „papal” artifacts were captured in the photo-reports, which are also presented and described in the catalog accompanying the exhibition.

The exhibition catalog can be purchased: HERE (click!)



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