Caeremoniale Romanum


The project was created in 2010 and was noted in the official periodical of the Commission for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments of the Polish Episcopate (Anamnesis, 1/2013). The first portal functioned at the same address, and is currently archived on Google’s blogging platform. The initiative has been active practically uninterruptedly, although with varying intensity and in different forms, on many grounds (blog, YouTube channel, social media, publications, popularization materials). Over the years of the project’s existence, various collaborations have been undertaken with many people and institutions, including Bishop Guido Marini, former Master of Apostolic Ceremonies of Benedict XVI and Francis. Work on the project is being carried out as time permits, and can be voluntarily supported.

The author is a philosopher (BA and MA) and theologian (MA) by profession. He studied at universities in France and Poland and conducted research or scientific queries in universities and libraries in Paris and Rome, including the archives of the former Prefecture of Papal Ceremonies. Laureate of many grants, scholarships and awards. Member of numerous scientific associations, including: Polish Society of Thomas Aquinas, Polish Philosophical Society, Scientific Thomistic Society and Polish Theological Society (full member). Author or editor of a total of several hundred monographs and articles or other types of texts. Academic lecturer (philosophy) and freelancer.

Contact is possible via social media profiles or via email (caeremonialeromanvmatgmaildotcom). Inquiries about possible cooperation should be sent via email.